OTIS Overview

Like nuclear power stations and air-traffic control towers, today’s blood bank, transfusion service and laboratory is a high-reliability organization (HRO) where, in the words of PCL Alverno CEO Sam Terese, “day-to-day operations involve significant complexity with high risk for errors, yet the organization is able to systematically avoid catastrophic outcomes.” To ensure your organization is operating as a true HRO, Terese and other experts advise embracing five concepts, one of these being “preoccupation with failure,” which he defines as “a commitment to monitoring and ­analysis—a willingness to continually dig in and look for areas of potential risk or waste, then look deeper for root causes and solutions.”

We couldn’t agree more.

OTIS—short for “occurrence tracking information system”—will help you embrace every failure, deviation, variance or nonconforming event (NCE), and make those embraces bear fruit to nourish your departmental process improvement initiatives for years to come.

Why collect deviation data the old-fashioned way (via pen and paper; MS Word, Excel or Access; or some other unsustainable homegrown system)? Or perhaps you’ve tried to get analytics out of that new enterprise incident management system? How did that go? Thought so.

Perhaps it’s time to look at OTIS®-Blood Bank 9 & OTIS®-Laboratory 9two highly evolved, out-of-the-box software systems you can use immediately to track and trend deviations electronically and drive meaningful, departmental process improvement in your transfusion service, blood bank or laboratory.

CAPA solution

Use OTIS by Nouvation to instantly extract actionable information from any NCE and use it to laser-focus improvement efforts. OTIS empowers your root-cause analysis (RCA) process with accurate, objective, current information so you can act appropriately, quickly, effectively, to remedy identified issues or concerns—for instance, revise pertinent SOP materials, rethink standard processes to achieve higher throughput, improve staff training or take other actions that will prevent future deviations or errors.

These and other advantages make OTIS a key contributor to your continued quest to achieve optimal transfusion safety and diagnostic accuracy. OTIS also works with minimal oversight and at a very modest fee (subscription plans available), interns for free, and quickly becomes indispensable to your CAPA initiatives.

Continuous process improvement

Designed for use in blood banks and transfusion services, OTIS-Blood Bank drives continuous process improvement in blood collecting, processing, classification and transfusing, as well as cell therapy and more. Automated alerts help you avoid FDA citations for missed adverse event reports and other deadlines.

Designed for use in hospital-based or free-standing diagnostic, reference and research laboratory environments, OTIS-Laboratory drives continuous process improvement in anatomic and clinical pathology labs and more, including areas related to chemistry, microbiology, etc.

These intuitive solutions help you conduct thorough, timely and fully documented error-and-accident investigations, and avoid rework or process delay that can impact your bottom line. Variances, deviations, NCEs or errors—whatever you call them, these incidents can:

  • negatively impact the purity, safety and potency of your blood and blood products;
  • detract from the accuracy of your clinical diagnoses; or
  • have other negative consequences that can result in adverse events for patients, including injury or death.

Designed to promote regulatory compliance, OTIS meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements for error-and-accident investigations of FDA, AABB, College of American Pathologists (CAP) and The Joint Commission, and easily implements the CAPA investigation paradigm for nonconforming (out-of-specification) events as promulgated by these agencies.

Quick ROI

A return on investment of just a year or two is common;  for instance, one OTIS customer identified ways to save $32,000 a year with OTIS. Another reduced FDA-reportable events by 64% while simultaneously decreasing staffing levels, and increasing donation and transfusion volumes.

Comparable advantages

OTIS-Blood Bank and OTIS-Laboratory feature comparable functionality, primarily differing in the data elements they track (see OTIS Comparison Table). Both create a state of total paperlessness. Use OTIS to …

  • capture all or part of a PDF or Word doc with  a click of OTIS 9’s virtual scanner; or
  • capture documents via a TWAIN-compliant physical scanner or Windows clipboard.

Both OTIS-Blood Bank and OTIS-Laboratory help you:

  • easily target process improvement efforts with one-click trending;
  • quantify trends and create instant summaries with two-click “QuickCounts”;
  • conduct ad hoc queries; filter by deviation code, employee, SOP, keyword, etc.—with no programming or training required;
  • facilitate review during regulatory inspections with group review functionality;
  • spell-check any free-form (non-picklist) entry;
  • create audit trails for all major investigation events;
  • print or save complete PDF reports of each incident;
  • ramp up quickly with preloaded, customizable deviation codes;
  • augment/assist investigations with online memos and “To Do” notes;
  • route investigations at various stages between quality assurance personnel;
  • enable electronic signature at key review points;
  • export data easily to Microsoft Excel and Access for further analysis and graphing;
  • identify complete and incomplete data elements instantly with color-coded LED-like indicators; and
  • minimize/standardize data entry with drop-down customizable lists.

OTIS helps you be productive quickly, affordably, and …

  • requires minimal training (one hour or less);
  • installs on a workstation in a minute or less; and
  • can be installed on multiple workstations for one license fee (no per-seat fees).
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