OTIS-Blood Bank 9

Designed by blood bankers for blood bankers, OTIS®-Blood Bank 9 is a robust and comprehensive incident and quality management system that fulfills all the requirements of a blood bank CAPA (corrective action/preventive action) system.

Quality-conscious professionals use this highly intuitive software solution to efficiently track and trend nonconforming events (NCEs), then use this data to inform quality, efficiency and compliance initiatives.

OTIS-Blood Bank helps blood banks and transfusion services:

  • leverage variance trending data to precisely target process improvement efforts
  • oversee quality issues for blood collection, processing and/or transfusion
  • meet and/or exceed regulatory, accreditation and other requirements of AABB, CAP, FDA and Joint Commission, as well as the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Guidelines, and any state regulatory requirements.

Use OTIS-Blood Bank to:

  • create visual views of trends with just one click (“one-click trending”);
  • create quantitative summaries of trends (two-click “QuickCounts”);
  • perform ad hoc queries with no programming or special training;
  • export reports to MS Excel and Access easily;
  • facilitate group review processes;
  • conduct thorough, timely, fully documented investigations of errors and accidents—a/k/a variances or deviations, incidents or occurrences; and . . .
  • consolidate all supporting documents (via three document-capture options) to create a 100% paperless incident management system (see OTIS-Blood Bank Features for details).

OTIS-Blood Bank offers these and other advantages:

  • Informative. Minimize time spent collecting data while reaping more valuable information that can help you better spot trends, more accurately target process improvement efforts and more easily respond to ad hoc queries.
  • Affordable. OTIS is less costly than competitors and we charge no per-seat fees. See FAQ #4 for details.
  • Quick ROI. Use OTIS to identify ways to save money—for instance, one customer reported using information gained from OTIS to identify ways to save $32,000 annually, which would achieve ROI in less than a year.
  • Regulator-pleaser. Another customer reported reducing FDA reportable events by 64%. Others say inspectors and assessors call OTIS a “best practice.”
  • No drama queen. Compatible with most popular operating systems, OTIS installs so easily you’ll hardly believe it —see FAQ #10 for details.
  • Due diligence. See how easy deviation tracking and trending can be—review OTIS-Blood Bank features then schedule your live OTIS Demo.
  • Test-drive. Download a fully functional free trial version to determine if OTIS is right for your organization. After you purchase OTIS, the license key will let you override the 20-incident trial limit and continue using OTIS seamlessly.

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