Tailor OTIS-Blood Bank to Fit


While OTIS®-Blood Bank comes preloaded with everything you need to successfully drive process improvement and compliance in your blood bank, every organization has it’s own unique structure and processes. So we designed OTIS to make it easy for you to tailor it to fit your needs. Below are a few examples.

Customize LOG

  • Re-size, re-arrange or hide columns at will.
  • Hide completed and voided incidents in the LOG.
  • Choose to display only those incidents that fall within a specified date range.
  • Control which departmental incidents your quality assurance specialists can see.
  • OTIS remembers your custom LOG arrangement no matter which workstation you use.

Customize data entry/incident investigation processes

  • Customize OTIS’ preloaded drop-down lists (e.g., departments, root causes, corrective actions, component codes, disposition options, etc.) to your heart’s content.
  • Customize OTIS’ preloaded, FDA Biological Product deviation codes, or add your own code(s) to this set.
  • Build a second set of deviation codes independent of the preloaded set so that a deviation code from each set may be assigned to each incident; for example, this second set may have codes for severity level, or your existing set of codes, or … (“Flags” discussed in the next paragraph are another mechanism for classifying each incident.)
  • Build a “flags” library so that each incident may be assigned one or two flags—e.g., a LOG EDR flag will display “Employee Discussion Required” in the data entry screen (these flags are an online version of the colored tags you affix to a manila folder).
  • Build a library of “standard” descriptions and associate these with deviation code(s); now you can enter descriptions with a single click and OTIS will automatically include the deviation code(s). (This will make data entry easier and standardizes the data.)
  • Use “To Do” note feature to add any investigative step unique to your organization automatically each time users open a new incident record. (Each incident may have one or more “To Do” notes associated with it; the incident’s record cannot be closed (signed off) without attending to the “To Do” note.)
  • Convert user notes to “Report” notes if you would like them included in the incident report.
  • Save Employee Statement(s) and Staff Notification(s) created for a particular incident  in PDF format.
  • Save incident reports in PDF format.
  • Send incident reports automatically to the printer following incident sign-off.

Customize admin functions

  • Specify whether electronic signatures are required at various investigation review points.
  • Customize electronic signature configurations for each department as appropriate.
  • Customize portions of the incidents report to your needs.
  • Adjust timing of FDA Report Due “nag” screen to your preference.
  • Specify requirements for creating passwords.
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