Download OTIS-Blood Bank

Download a free trial version of OTIS®-Blood Bank—a CAPA system for laboratories from Nouvation—to make sure it meets your organization’s process improvement and compliance needs, and operates in your IT environment. (Please review OTIS FAQ#11 to be sure you have the right version of Windows to run OTIS.)

OTIS-Blood Bank’s evaluation mode is fully functional software; however, the “AS IS” type license does not include technical support, training, upgrades or other value-added services included with the full license. This free trial version is limited to 20 investigations or occurrences. But once you purchase the software license key, we remove this 20-incident limit so you can retain information on all 20 incidents without any loss of time or data. (See FAQ #4 for pricing.)

As part of your due diligence, we strongly suggest you sign up for a free, no-obligation demonstration of OTIS-Blood Bank (see “Meet OTIS” demo) to better understand OTIS’ features and functions before you download the trial version.

To receive your free evaluation copy of OTIS-Blood Bank, go to Contact Us. Provide the requisite information. Select “Download OTIS-Blood Bank” under the field labeled “Nature of your Inquiry.” Once we receive your completed request, we will email you the link to download Nouvation’s evaluation mode of OTIS-Blood Bank.

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