1 What is OTIS?
OTIS—short for “occurrence tracking information system”is an intuitive, user-friendly deviation tracking-and-trending software solution from Nouvation. Blood banks and laboratories around the country use OTIS®-Blood Bank and OTIS®-Laboratory to drive process improvement and regulatory compliance.

2 What does it actually do?
OTIS helps blood banks, transfusion services and laboratories drive process improvement by enabling users to conduct thorough, meaningful, effective and efficient investigations of variances (or deviations or nonconforming events), errors and accidents.

3 Why do users love OTIS?
OTIS is a powerful tool for departmental process and quality improvement. It is also very easy to install and remarkably easy to use. OTIS also:

  • provides a well-structured corrective-and-preventive action (CAPA) software tool for process improvement;
  • guarantees that all required steps in an investigation are documented and completed;
  • provides capture via physical scanner, virtual scanner or Windows clipboard of all supporting documents;
  • displays all data and supporting documents in one place on one screen;
  • maintains an audit trail of the investigation;
  • supports group review processes;
  • supports extensive trending analysis;
  • facilitates the review process for outside inspectors; and
  • answers ad hoc queries without programming.

4 How affordable is OTIS?
To help make OTIS affordable for the most budget-conscious healthcare organizations, Nouvation charges only $24,000*USD per site license for either OTIS-Blood Bank or OTIS-Laboratory. Other affordability factors include:

  • Nouvation’s no-per-seat fee policy enables you to install OTIS on multiple workstations per site/facility—effectively eliminating hidden costs, pesky licensing issues and administrative overhead, and maximizing OTIS’ benefit to your organization.
  • Special pricing is available for multi-site organizations; contact us for details.
  • Affordable subscription plans make OTIS an operational rather than a capital expenditure; contact us for details.
  • OTIS installs with little or no IT support (see #10 below for details)—so there’s no drain on other resources.
  • We provide OTIS training at no additional cost; OTIS’ remarkably intuitive user interface generally enables users to get up to speed on OTIS in an hour or less.

These and other factors mean HCOs can deploy OTIS at a fraction of the cost of Master Control, Pilgrim Software, SafeTrace TX, Title21 or other competitive systems. In view of its ease and affordability, it’s no wonder users say you can’t afford not to use OTIS!

5 What about support fees and upgrades?
An annual support fee of $2400 USD per site—payable on the annual anniversary of your OTIS purchaseprovides access for one year to all OTIS software upgrades, technical support and up to two hours of interactive Web/phone-based training for new hires, etc.; further training is available at an additional fee but generally unnecessary.

6 How is OTIS delivered?
Once payment is received, we email you a license “key” that unlocks the trial (20-occurrence) version of OTIS so you can use OTIS as needed without losing any information you may have entered during the evaluation period.

7 How can I determine if OTIS is right for my organization?
You don’t … not yet, so we strongly suggest you download a free, fully functional evaluation copy of OTIS-Blood Bank or OTIS-Laboratory before you buy. (Trial version does not include technical support, upgrades or training, and limits you to 20 investigations, occurrences or incidents.) This try-before-you-buy policy makes for very satisfied customers.

8 How will OTIS help us comply with regulatory mandates?
OTIS meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements for error and accident investigations, including:

  • FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) biological product deviation reports
  • AABB (The American Association of Blood Banks) process improvement through continuous preventive actions standards 9.0 through 9.3
  • The College of American Pathologists (CAP) standard TRM 2000
  • The Joint Commission goal of reducing medical errors

9 What about software documentation?
All versions include a detailed OTIS operations manual in PDF format.

10 What about technical requirements?
The OTIS database resides in a network folder to which every OTIS user has full access. OTIS, a collection of ActiveX controls, requires a one-minute installation on each workstation. Access to WebEx is required for training and customer support.

OTIS runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and Server 2003 and 2008. We cannot test it for every possible Windows service pack or configuration so we advise you download and run a free evaluation copy of OTIS to be sure it runs on your Windows installation. Sign up for a free OTIS demo before you download the evaluation software before you take it for a test drive for a better experience.

We now offer two server options:

  • OTIS 9.Access is deployed on an MS Access server and self-installs in approx. one minute per workstation with no technical assistance.
  • Preferable for larger databases, OTIS 9.SQL is deployed on a SQL server; approx. one hour of IT support is needed to create the SQL database connections. (Migration is accomplished overnight and no additional software is required.)

Nouvation is not responsible for potential conflicts with other software or hardware installations; consult your IT department with other technical questions.

11 How do I learn more?
Contact Us to reach Nouvation and request additional information.

*Fees subject to change.

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