‘In a Hopeful Vein’–Controversial Study Challenges WHO blood donor guidelines

A new study builds on a body of research showing that economic incentives motivate people to donate blood, says an article entitled “In a Hopeful Vein” in the Spring 2014 Changing Business magazine from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

“This raises the question of whether pure altruism is sufficient to guarantee a sufficient, steady supply of blood,” says JHCBS Assistant Professor Mario Macis, PhD, one of a team of three researchers who conducted the study, published in Social Science and Medicine.

“Economic rewards have a positive effect on donations, without negative consequences for blood safety. Meantime, advances in screening technology since the WHO guidelines were established have greatly reduced the risk of tainted or otherwise unusable blood being used later in transfusions.”

Whatever your opinion about the pros and cons of incentivizing blood donors, Nouvation urges you to be generous with your time and blood. Click on blood donor centers for a list of selected facilities using OTIS-Blood Bank to improve quality and compliance.

See more by Macis on the subject of incentivizing blood donations.

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