Randy German: ‘Gold Standard’

Quality expert Randy German, MT(ASCP)SBB, describes OTIS as “a multi-purpose process-improvement tool that helps us easily manage compliance and deviations or variances, conduct root cause analysis and develop appropriate remediation.” German is blood bank and laboratory quality manager at a $1B faith-based healthcare organization* in southern California that’s been using OTIS®-Blood Bank since 2005, OTIS®-Laboratory since 2011.

“Those who see OTIS in action recognize it immediately as ‘the gold standard of deviation tracking and trending.’ In fact, FDA inspectors and AABB assessors have described OTIS as a ‘best practice’ for process improvement.

Randy German

“Its powerful, user-friendly trending tools help us optimize blood product safety, purity and potency by helping us identify even the tiniest deviation and focus quality improvement efforts where they’re needed.”

“The audit trail, hard-copy final report, and status-checking functions, help ensure regulatory compliance; and one-click trending, plus instant trending summaries with a second click, really help us to efficiently target process improvement efforts and achieve optimum transfusion safety.”

“OTIS is a highly effective, multi-purpose tool for conducting meaningful review of errors, accidents and deviations. It facilitates root-cause analysis and process improvement, and is now an essential component of our quality improvement system in the blood bank and laboratory.”

Speaking at the 2014 LifeStream Transfusion Medicine Forum in Palm Springs, German noted that “labs are now a cost center” and competing with discount diagnostic start-ups such as Theranos. With process improvement increasingly critical, German uses insights gleaned from OTIS-Laboratory to inform team meetings and empower their never-ending quest for optimum efficiency.

*This regional healthcare delivery network—consistently ranked as Orange County’s most preferred hospital for almost two decades—treats nearly 30,000 inpatients and 350,000 outpatients annually at two Magnet-designated facilities, including a 451-bed Newport Beach hospital and a 154-bed Irvine hospital, and transfuses >25,000 units of blood or blood components annually. This award-winning nonprofit “midwifed” OTIS’ birth, was first to pilot both systems (for use related to its blood donor, manufacturing and transfusion services and clinical laboratory), continues to collaborate on upgrades and enhancements, and leads the way in using OTIS to foster quality and efficiency in a just culture.



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