OTIS-Laboratory Capabilities & Screenshots

A unique, robust, intuitive software solution, OTIS®-Laboratory helps clinical and research laboratories easily track-and-trend occurrences—a/k/a incidents, deviations, nonconforming events, variances, errors or accidents. A key quality system component, this multi-purpose CAPA and root-cause analysis tool promotes diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, compliance and, ultimately, better patient outcomes. Let OTIS guide you through comprehensive error-and-accident investigations that will inform meaningful team discussions and process changes—and put your deviations to good use.

Click on any of the screenshots below to view at full size.

OTIS LOG ScreenOne-click trending—One-click trending helps you prioritize quality improvement initiatives, ensure regulatory compliance. Display incidents on the main screen (“OTIS LOG”) as you like. Click on any column heading to instantly identify trends—OTIS color-bands incidents with the same value in the clicked column, instantly distinguishing like instances from outliers. Sort by any column—deviation code, for instance, as shown at left.

OTIS QuickCount ScreenQuickCountOnce you sort the LOG as shown above, use the QuickCount button to produce an instant trending summary, which you can sort in ascending or  descending (shown at left) order.

OTIS Filter ScreenFilter deviations easily—Use filter to search for and display only those incidents within specified date ranges that meet certain criteria (see example at right).

Export data—Easily share data with MS Excel, Access or other programs for graphing and further analysis.

Customize LOG layout—Rearrange, resize or hide columns to create a custom LOG view.

No more missed reporting deadlines—Create “nag screens” that alert you to reporting deadlines.

OTIS Data Entry ScreenEasy data entryEach tab on the OTIS data entry screen gives instant access to an investigative step. Color indicators identify data elements as complete or incomplete. Drop-down lists, preloaded with easily modifiable default values, minimize/standardize data entry. Embedded spell-check makes free-form text entries retrievable later. Create notes that you can designate as a “To-Do,” with investigation deemed incomplete until “Done.”

Easy documentation & sign-offDocument staff description of the incident and agreed-upon actions to prevent recurrence using the statement-making capability. Electronically sign off at critical points in the investigation.

Built-in virtual scanner—Scan Word and PDF documents in their entirety or select pages, with or without a scanner, and incorporate these documents into the investigation record.

Better communicate with staff—Use the staff notice-making capability to alert staff to an issue; provide guidance on prevention/correction; and encourage feedback and discussion.

OYIS Report ScreenOTIS-Laboratory 9 -PDF-print-emailReports made easy—Generate inspector-ready reports that concisely summarize investigations and inventory associated documents. OTIS-Laboratory 9 -PDFView these reports onscreen or save as PDFs; print or email as needed.




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