CAPA Solution for Blood Bank & Laboratory

OTIS is an incident and quality management system that automates the corrective action/preventive action (CAPA*) process precipitated by deviations or nonconforming events (NCEs) in blood banks, hospital transfusion services and laboratories. Complete CAPA solutions, OTIS®-Blood Bank and OTIS®-Laboratory:

  • guide users through the CAPA-organized investigation process;
  • automate the verification of effectiveness over time; and
  • connect related quality processes such as SOP revisions and training.

OTIS is a CAPA solution for the blood bank, transfusion service and laboratory

Use OTIS to easily:

  • record issues requiring corrective action—deviations, errors, accidents, audits, product failures, testing, validations, process control, etc.;
  • track progress towards resolution;
  • support various staff roles and issue action notices at each stage of the investigation cycle—for instance, initiating and conducting an investigation, implementing corrective action and verifying its effectiveness;
  • link corrective actions to relevant documentation and reports; and
  • monitor and report the status of an investigation.

*CAPA is an adopted acronym that evolved from the ISO series of industry standards.

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