Track and Trend Deviations More Quickly with OTIS 9 from Nouvation

HOUSTON, Tex., and AUGUSTA, Ga.—Mar. 4, 2015—Nouvation has released version 9 of its best-in-class OTIS®-Blood Bank and OTIS®-Laboratory software systems. These two highly evolved solutions help healthcare organizations easily track and trend deviations in the blood bank, transfusion service or laboratory. Hospitals, blood banks and labs use OTIS to quickly analyze nonconforming events—then mine this deviation data to inform quality and process improvement initiatives, and drive efficiency.

“OTIS 9 features enhanced stability and reliability, and works seamlessly with a MS Access or MS SQL Server database,” says Nouvation CEO and founder George Behr, PhD. “Thanks to a more streamlined .exe file, and an even smaller IT footprint, OTIS now executes even faster, enabling users to instantly slice and dice deviation trending data.”

“I’m very pleased,” says Sue Mosuch, RN, a quality assurance specialist and training coordinator at Shepeard Community Blood Center in Augusta, Ga. “OTIS 9 is just terrific! The system runs faster than ever so we can easily pinpoint problem areas and devise appropriate CAPA (corrective/preventive action) strategies.

“And Nouvation really listens. For instance, we requested sub-code search functionality to enable us to search by sub-code as well as unit code. We use the sub-code to record collection location but you can use it for anything you like since OTIS is completely configurable. I’m sure our next inspector will be pleasantly surprised when I can determine with a click of the mouse where a particular blood unit was collected!” Mosuch is a member of the OTIS Advisory Council who helped “beta” OTIS and now shares best practices with other users.

Sue Mosuch and George Behr

“Nouvation is committed to offering a truly user-friendly, out-of-the-box’ solution that provides actionable deviation data in an easily customizable format,” says Behr. “Version 9 takes flexibility to a new level by enabling you to deploy OTIS on an MS Access or a SQL server.* Our aim is to continually improve product performance while holding the line on affordability.”

About Nouvation

Headquartered in Houston, Nouvation developed OTIS—short for “occurrence tracking information system”—to help laboratories, blood banks and transfusion services leverage nonconforming events to inform quality assurance, process improvement and compliance initiatives. The departmental-specific incident management system was developed in collaboration with a $1-billion Newport Beach, Calif., healthcare network that’s used both products to drive quality and efficiency for years.

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*Preferable for large databases, OTIS 9.SQL requires just one hour of IT support to create the connections to the SQL database; migration is accomplished overnight and no additional software is required. OTIS 9.Access installs in just one minute per workstation with no technical assistance.

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